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Lisa/TL-chan [userpic]

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January 27th, 2013 (04:51 pm)

So, I haven't updated this journal in a bit, but I'm still getting plenty of spam comments. Why? ><

No, I do not want to buy any of it. Don't bother, spambots.

Lisa/TL-chan [userpic]

Battle Spirits Sword Eyes 15

December 15th, 2012 (05:33 pm)

Better than I expected. Significantly better, actually.
-Garudos can fly? Well, it's most likely just magic, but that was pretty freaky. Also, Garudos was exploding with final boss flags this ep.
-Hayatemaru is adorable.
-No Kizakura was disappointing.
-Rirove was pretty amusing. And, amusingly, he foiled Garudos' plan while trying to benefit himself. Anyway, I'd find him a kinda cute character, if not for his psychotic obsession with killing poor Suou.
-Next time, Kizakura's non-existence in this episode will be made up for.

Also, for Saint Seiya Omega, what happened to Eden's hair? He looks horrible.

Lisa/TL-chan [userpic]

Battle Spirits Sword Eyes 14

December 8th, 2012 (05:36 pm)

I saved too many pictures. Well, that's to be expected with Garudos getting lots of screentime.
-Ultra awaken is so nostalgic. I didn't expect to see it in the anime again, since it seems like only spirits in the Gai-Asura line (which there's about 4 of if I remember right) can have it.
-So, Sora and Kizakura will be briefly separated from the others. From the cast list, looks like neither will appear in next week's ep either. :(
-Somehow, I found it funny how the Sword Eyes of Light have a wanted poster now.
-Some Tsurugi/Kizakura shiptease was interesting. Personally, I'd prefer a Sora/Kizakura pairing, but any romance in this show would be an improvement over now, where there's none.
-Next time, Hagakure battles Rirove. Yay, I missed Barone's voice Rirove.

Lisa/TL-chan [userpic]

Battle Spirits Sword Eyes 13

December 1st, 2012 (05:35 pm)

Well, I was thinking this was a really good episode. Then I saw the preview, died of squeeing, and stopped caring about the rest. Anyway...
-New Tsurugi and Yaiba eyecatches. They're quite cool.
-Confirmation that Grenada is indeed not brainwashed, and legitimately on Yaiba's side. Though, she still doesn't seem too happy about it.
-Amarello probably went up a few notches on my favorite characters after this episode. Pulling out a whip somehow fits her so well. XD
-Kizakura and Sora were pretty awesome. Actually, I'd really like to see Kizakura battle Amarello now.
-Suou didn't stay with them all. Too bad. Also, his soul orb thing can detect lies?
-Next time... drumroll please... Garudos battles! And looks epically psychotic. Do want so badly.

Also, I loved Saint Seiya Omega this week. Eden/Aria OTP!

Lisa/TL-chan [userpic]

Battle Spirits Sword Eyes 12

November 24th, 2012 (05:45 pm)

Okay, so ep. wasn't quite as cool as I'd hoped, but it was still pretty awesome
-Grenada-sama! Yay!
-Suou is adorable! Also, I'm thinking even more that he's probably Rirove's brother (or, the original Suou was) given his reaction when he heard about Tsurugi's brother.
-Figured there would be a BS20 version of the OP, with Kizakura and Rirove.
-Poor Tsurugi. Just because he has Flame Field doesn't mean he's going to win. Since Yaiba has a new key card, odds are Yaiba will win the battle.
-So, Gordy's back. He wasn't seen with the rest of the Sword Eyes of Darkness last episode, so I thought maybe Yaiba punished him or something.
Next time, Yaiba owns Tsurugi?

Lisa/TL-chan [userpic]

Battle Spirits Sword Eyes 11

November 17th, 2012 (05:37 pm)

Lots of cute this episode, as expected with Kizakura as the main character. I'm glad she got her Sword Brave now.
-Kid Sora was cute. As were younger Kogane and Yamabuki. As I said, cuteness everywhere. ^^
-Brau's eyecatch looks cool. His obsessive need for revenge on Bringer amuses me. I hope they finally get to battle at some point.
-Rirove pissing off Garudos was pretty funny.
-So the Sweetsmates are a massive information network? That's quite cool.
-Next time... Grenada-sama returns! Finally!

Lisa/TL-chan [userpic]

Battle Spirits Sword Eyes 10

November 10th, 2012 (05:37 pm)

Kinda bland, because the battle was too redundant after last week's. At least Rirove lost this time. Actually, Sora is surprisingly good to beat him.
-Got a bit more background on Rirove and Suou, but not enough to satiate my curiosity. I find their relationship quite interesting.
-Bringer XD. He could have caught Suou.
-The confrontation between Rirove and Garudos should be interesting. I know Rirove doesn't want to join the Sword Eyes of Darkness, but Garudos seems perfectly willing to use force. Oh, and they're both pretty. So yeah, it will be very interesting.
-Next time, Kizakura should get her Sword Brave. Also, Kogane and Yamabuki will be back. They were cute. And Kenta Miyake (Eolus from Brave) is in the cast. XD

Lisa/TL-chan [userpic]

Battle Spirits Sword Eyes 9

November 3rd, 2012 (06:39 pm)

So much of interest this ep.
-Rirove finally shows up, in all of his girly glory. As the OP implied, he's pretty much a psychopath. Currently, he's not associated with Yaiba in any way, but instead is just obsessed with chasing down Suou.
-It was pretty surprising that Suou apparently isn't human, but an animated doll. Or so it seems. But since the OP shows that he's a Sword Eyes... that means non-humans can become one? Hopefully, we'll get more on that next week. Also, he's a tree-hugger.
-Fitting to her character design, Kizakura's Gate Open sequence looks like a magical girl transformation sequence. Cute. ^^
-I figured Kizakura would lose, as she doesn't have a Sword Brave yet. That being said, yellow charge turned out to be much more interesting than I would've thought. If not for Rirove's card being ridiculously cheap, she might have won with that anyway.
-Finally, we get the airship from the ED. Hayatemaru might be faster. XD
-The hint at Kizakura's backstory was unexpected, but welcome.
-Next time, Sora tries his hand at battling Rirove.

Lisa/TL-chan [userpic]

Battle Spirits Sword Eyes 8

October 27th, 2012 (06:37 pm)

I was thinking this episode was kinda slow, and it's probably notable that the 2ch thread didn't even go past 1 page. Then I watched the last few minutes. Wow.
-Yaiba can take away someone's Sword Eye? That is pretty neat.
-Much as Gordy is a jerk, I do have more sympathy for him now. He may have even joined with Tsurugi, if not for Yaiba forcibly taking him away. Oh, and he makes cute facial expressions.
-What exactly is Yaiba up to? This episode did make him out to be very evil. While I doubt he's going to be final boss (I'm looking at you, Garudos) I think it will be hard for Tsurugi to make him switch sides.
-Cool to see Bringer battle, if only for like a second. I'd like to see him have a full battle.
-Next time, the character I was waiting for appears. Oh gosh, even in his battle form, where he doesn't look quite as feminine, he's still girlier than Barone. Also, Kizakura battles. This is going to be awesome.

Lisa/TL-chan [userpic]

Battle Spirits Sword Eyes 7

October 20th, 2012 (06:38 pm)

At last, Seven appears! And since he wasn't in the cast list/preview, it was totally a surprise. I like how he looks in this series, with the long bang over his face. Also, Bomber is here too, though I preferred his design in Heroes, personally.
-So, Garudos isn't the red Sword Eyes of Darkness? Actually, the shadow kinda looks like Suou. It's probably someone completely new, but it would be kinda cool if he actually had two swords.
-Hagakure and Kizakura's background events during the battle were fun to watch. Stealing Kizakura's melon bread is mean, though. XD
-Justice's ability to copy anyone's deck (not to mention, appearance) is pretty neat. I guess that comes with the territory of being on of the god's messengers. If Elliott is the god, I will die from the awesome. Make it happen.
-Interesting how they slightly modified the OP, to show Sora and Gordy's X-rares. I wonder if they'll do that for each new set that comes out. I'm guessing Kizakura and Rirove will be getting X-rares in the next set, as they're getting theme decks.
-Next time, Tsurugi gets a rematch with Gordy. Hopefully he'll win this time, or it will be kind of redundant.

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