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Lisa/TL-chan [userpic]

Battle Spirits Sword Eyes 8

October 27th, 2012 (06:37 pm)

I was thinking this episode was kinda slow, and it's probably notable that the 2ch thread didn't even go past 1 page. Then I watched the last few minutes. Wow.
-Yaiba can take away someone's Sword Eye? That is pretty neat.
-Much as Gordy is a jerk, I do have more sympathy for him now. He may have even joined with Tsurugi, if not for Yaiba forcibly taking him away. Oh, and he makes cute facial expressions.
-What exactly is Yaiba up to? This episode did make him out to be very evil. While I doubt he's going to be final boss (I'm looking at you, Garudos) I think it will be hard for Tsurugi to make him switch sides.
-Cool to see Bringer battle, if only for like a second. I'd like to see him have a full battle.
-Next time, the character I was waiting for appears. Oh gosh, even in his battle form, where he doesn't look quite as feminine, he's still girlier than Barone. Also, Kizakura battles. This is going to be awesome.