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Lisa/TL-chan [userpic]

Battle Spirits Sword Eyes 12

November 24th, 2012 (05:45 pm)

Okay, so ep. wasn't quite as cool as I'd hoped, but it was still pretty awesome
-Grenada-sama! Yay!
-Suou is adorable! Also, I'm thinking even more that he's probably Rirove's brother (or, the original Suou was) given his reaction when he heard about Tsurugi's brother.
-Figured there would be a BS20 version of the OP, with Kizakura and Rirove.
-Poor Tsurugi. Just because he has Flame Field doesn't mean he's going to win. Since Yaiba has a new key card, odds are Yaiba will win the battle.
-So, Gordy's back. He wasn't seen with the rest of the Sword Eyes of Darkness last episode, so I thought maybe Yaiba punished him or something.
Next time, Yaiba owns Tsurugi?