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Battle Spirits Sword Eyes 5

October 6th, 2012 (06:33 pm)

So much Garudos! I approve entirely. The lack of caps this week was a shame though (because I would've saved a ton).
-Tsurugi still had cookies left? What's Kizakura going to do when he's out?
-Hagakure appears, along with his awesome-looking bird. He didn't get to do anything this week, but next week should be his formal introduction.
-I'm surprised Sora and Kizakura don't want to travel with Tsurugi. Eventually they'll have to though, to unite all the swords.
-Still no Rirove. :(
-I wonder if Garudos plans to go and watch all the Sword Eyes of Light battle, to vouch their strength. I'd love to know exactly what he's up to. I'm still sticking with my theory that he's the red Sword Eyes of Darkness and a troll.
-Next time, Gordy battles Tsurugi. Yay! I won't get to see it live though, because I'll be at New York Comic Con.

Also, Ariaaaaaaaaaaaa! :(
That is all.

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Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai

October 4th, 2012 (09:05 am)

Does this anime have an abbreviated title? That's too long to type. Anyway, I watched the first episode. Wow, this was one of the best first episodes I've seen, ever. I hope the rest of the show keeps up this quality, because wow. Though, I'll be somewhat disappointed if Rikka turns normal. From the premise, her crazy behavior seems to be played out as just a phase she'll grow out of. But, it's so cute.

Also, Yuuta's mom is voiced by Yuri Amano-sama. She's hardly ever in anime these days, so that's pretty nostalgic.

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Battle Spirits Sword Eyes 4

September 29th, 2012 (06:40 pm)

Baldy Sora arrives. I think now that he's shown up, I should call him by his actual name. Plus, he isn't actually bald. I kinda like how his braid can blow dramatically when he battles. Yes, hair fascinates me more than it probably should.
-Kizakura is past adorable. She just helps Tsurugi in hopes that he'll give her more of his grandmother's cookies. I don't think he even has any left now. XD
-Nice to see that Grenada seems to be pretty much alright. Well, she's just in some nicely decorated room instead of a prison somewhere. Also, I don't think she's physically aged at all in 14 years. XD
-Sora's little brother is kind of annoying. I'll probably get used to him though, since the OP and ED indicate he'll be a regular.
-So the 2nd Sword Brave in BS19 is the green dark one. That means we'll likely see Gordy battle soon.
-Next time, Sora battles someone. Looks like they're using purple. Barone Daisuke Namikawa's character whose name I'm still not sure how to romanize still isn't showing up, according to the cast, so probably it's just another droid.

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Battle Spirits Sword Eyes 3

September 22nd, 2012 (06:39 pm)

Yes! Legit OP theme at last! It doesn't disappoint either. As for the episode...
-One other thing this series has been missing arrives: Lolis. Kizakura, pursuer of sweet foods and her two groupies arrive. I can only guess she'll ditch the groupies pretty soon, whenever she joins Tsurugi.
-Bomber cosplay FTW! Also, Justice appears in the real show. Now can we have Seven?
-Unsurprisingly, Tsurugi got stomped in battle with Yaiba. In a way, it was kind of painful to watch.
-Looks like Bringer got pretty hurt protecting Tsurugi at the end. I'm sure he'll be fine, though.
-Creepy Garudos <3. He also looks darned evil on the OP. I'm pretty positive he's the red Sword Eyes of Darkness, and he's just trolling for whatever reason. Though I don't know what the purpose of keeping it a secret would be if he was.
-Next time, Baldy appears!

Also, finished Accel World. A second season would be nice, assuming there's still novel material to animate. Kuroyukihime was just too adorable.

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Battle Spirits Sword Eyes 2

September 15th, 2012 (06:38 pm)

Still cruddy stock footage OP. I kinda have a little hope that they'll change it, but... *sigh*
-So, Justice's spiel at the beginning is going to be in the place of the watching tv warning for this series? Hope he shows up in the actual series soon. I need some mascot love.
-Three of the Sword Eyes of Darkness are here. First, there's Gordy, creepy Smile-esque green user, CV: Mantid. He gives me more Zazie vibes than Smile vibes, personality wise. I definitely want more of him. Second, Amarello, Kizakura's evil counterpart or something. It's interesting that both the female Sword Eyes use yellow, since typically, the girls use purple more than anything. She seems like a scary girl. Lastly. Brau, the buff blue user.
-Tsurugi's opponent this week was freaky-tastic. He did get to use some new cards I haven't seen yet though, which was interesting.
-Next time, Tsurugi vs. Yaiba. I really like Yaiba's battle form. Also, Kizakura will finally show up.

Oh, and Saint Seiya Omega this week was incredible. Probably the best episode yet. I've got no idea what exactly was happening at the end there.

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Finally someone interesting

September 12th, 2012 (05:57 pm)

OMG! New York Comic Con got Yuu Asakawa (Fate/Stay Night's Rider, Ikkitousen's Choun, Vocaloid's Luka)as a guest. Just epic!

Edit: Ahhh! How could I forget Hotarla (Spider Riders)? Kyu kyu ~

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Battle Spirits Sword Eyes 1

September 8th, 2012 (06:41 pm)

The episode itself was a pretty nice start. That being said, what was up with that awful OP theme? It was basically all Tsurugi, and I could've sworn it had a bunch of stock footage. Maybe it's unfinished, but not likely. Usually the only time anime uses stock footage OPs to start with is when the budget is horrible. *cough*To Heart Remember my Memories*cough* The ED was cute though. Ack, Kizakura is adorable!
-Yaiba is a jerk, overthrowing his own mother. Well, maybe he had a reason for it, or he really is just that much of a creeper. I still expect he'll switch sides, being both the rival and Tsurugi's brother.
-Queen Gilfam Grenada is here! Well, she's not as cool, but she looks really pretty. Hopefully she'll get to do something cool and not be the damsel in distress for too long. Because darn it, Gilfam was epic even when she was being betrayed.
-Garudos! Well, no surprise that he's a bad guy. I love his character design x1000.
-I really like how Tsurugi isn't a pro player, but infact, a total newbie. He caught on pretty quickly, though. It's refreshing for a main character.
-Bringer looks pretty awesome.
-Rikiya Koyama using his Psycho King voice for narration = so much win! Now if he turns out to actually be Psycho King, and appears as an actual character, that would be even cooler. Highly unlikely though.
-No "when watching TV" warning? Wow. This is a first for Battle Spirits.
-Next time, the rest of the Dark Sword Eyes appear. Wahh, Goudi/Gordy/whatever his name is looks super-adorable.

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This is Beyond Epic

September 7th, 2012 (05:23 pm)

Cadbury Screme Eggs. That is all.

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Battle Spirits Heroes 50 (end)

September 1st, 2012 (06:45 pm)

Finale was pretty awesome, or as much as it could be for a series that never had a whole lot going for it. There are some things I would've liked to happen *cough*some romance*cough* but oh well.
-Hajime's surviving Amaterasu-Dragon's effect when summoned with Glazar, then bringing back Saviour = awesome. Hajime finally beating Amaterasu-Dragon, not to mention Tegamaru = awesomer.
-Poor Sunset gets to suffer some last minute trauma in finding that Akari is pregnant again. Well, now he's got a job working at the lab. And being tormented by Matsuri, it seems. XD
-Roller Izumi! She's joined up with Nora Nyao, but probably just to hit on random criminals.
-Thanks to Tameru and Ser-jii, the Statue of Kimari finally stands. Epic.
-I was hoping Afrone would reveal his identity to Hajime by the end, so I'm glad that did happen. And, Hajime finally got his battle with Arata, even though he's not champion anymore.
-Duel of the pretty boys!

So thoughts overall. Heroes never had  a plot, or a point. It's certainly my least favorite Battle Spirits anime. But in its favor, it had some great, memorable characters, and a nice amount of humour. Considering how good the last arc was, I wonder how the show could've been if it kept that quility all the way through. But what's done is done.
Favorite characters: Kimari, Tameru, Sunset, Seven
Favorite ships: Tameru/Kimari, Arata/Mika, Tegamaru/Chihiro, Hajime/Tegamaru, Everyone/Kimari

Next week starts Sword Eyes, at last. Garudos, your prettyness awaits. <3
...Gosh, shut up self. You haven't even watched the show, and he may have a repulsive personality. But... so pretty.

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Battle Spirits Heroes 49

August 25th, 2012 (06:40 pm)

So, I'm a little disappointed they didn't show any trailers for Sword Eyes, especially because they showed commercials for the new starter decks repetitively. Guess I'll have to wait until next week.-_-
So, the actual episode:
-Sunset and Bomber return! Too bad Sunset didn't actually do much, though Bomber got to have a little action.
-Oh, Kataru. He actually makes a cute girl.
-Surprisingly, Tegamaru is acting pretty sane, and even put Kintarogue-Bear back in his deck. Based on the preview, he put in Ashliger too. Maybe after winning the tournament, he decided that since he accomplished what he wanted, he could go back to normal. In which case, it's a little jarring seeing how he's been lately. That, or looking at Chihiro's drawings made him come to his senses. That's more likely, and reasonable. Maybe they'll explain more next week.
-Hopefully, Kimari will succeed in her world domination next time.
-Well, one episode left. Based on the vague preview, I don't have much expectations for it, but if Hajime can at least win, it should be decent.

Saint Seiya Omega was quite good this week too. I'm glad to see that Eden seems to legitimately care for Aria. At least there was someone who's been nice to her in her horrible life. Next week though, they seem to be taunting me by putting this plotline aside and going back to what Haruto is doing.