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Lisa/TL-chan [userpic]

Battle Spirits Sword Eyes 9

November 3rd, 2012 (06:39 pm)

So much of interest this ep.
-Rirove finally shows up, in all of his girly glory. As the OP implied, he's pretty much a psychopath. Currently, he's not associated with Yaiba in any way, but instead is just obsessed with chasing down Suou.
-It was pretty surprising that Suou apparently isn't human, but an animated doll. Or so it seems. But since the OP shows that he's a Sword Eyes... that means non-humans can become one? Hopefully, we'll get more on that next week. Also, he's a tree-hugger.
-Fitting to her character design, Kizakura's Gate Open sequence looks like a magical girl transformation sequence. Cute. ^^
-I figured Kizakura would lose, as she doesn't have a Sword Brave yet. That being said, yellow charge turned out to be much more interesting than I would've thought. If not for Rirove's card being ridiculously cheap, she might have won with that anyway.
-Finally, we get the airship from the ED. Hayatemaru might be faster. XD
-The hint at Kizakura's backstory was unexpected, but welcome.
-Next time, Sora tries his hand at battling Rirove.