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Bouken Kiroku

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  • Soaker87
Photobucket died. Nothing to see here anymore.
I don't use this anyway. It was a nice run.

I claimed Bocca x Sayoko from The Melody of Oblivion @otp_claims
I claimed Buguese x Aqune from Spider Riders @otp_claims
I claimed Leon x Eve from Black Cat @otp_claims
I claimed Ougi x Villetta from Code Geass @otp_claims
I claimed Buguese from Spider Riders @bishie_paradise
I claimed Leon from Black Cat @bishie_paradise
I claimed Koichi from Gin-iro no Olynssis @bishie_paradise
I claimed Soushi from Soukyuu no Fafner @bishie_paradise
iconfiend100- Sayoko Tsukinomori- The Melody of Oblivion (Dropped)
ship_manifesto- Silverbolt x Blackarachnia- Beast Wars Transformers (Complete)
ship_manifesto- Buguese x Aqune- Spider Riders (Complete)
ship_manifesto- Ougi x Villetta- Code Geass (Complete)
1sentence- Buguese x Aqune- Spider Riders (Themes Gamma and Epsilon Complete)

Rp accounts
*angelvoice8:Masako Inogashira(Number Eight)- Battle Spirits
*battle_prince:J Sawaragi- Battle Spirits
*maximal_inside:Blackarachnia- Beast Wars
*myxrare:Hideto Suzuri-Battle Spirits
*must_know_why:Buguese- Spider Riders
*oraclemaiden:Aqune- Spider Riders
*quiet_resonance:Echo- Pandora Hearts
*risingarrow:Rain Mikamura- G-Gundam
*secretinblue:Card Sensei/Number Five- Battle Spirits
*teacher_knight:Kaname Ougi- Code Geass.
Buguese and Masako are currently used in valkyrieexpress The others are all somehow homeless for now.